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General Information/Periodicals | Land Use | RARE/AmeriCorps Information | Computer Information | Grant Information | Oregon/Federal Government Information | Transportation | Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Information | Water & Watershed Information/Plans | Strategic Plans/Action Plans | Educational Materials | Survey Information | Ecosystems | Skill Building | Business/Economic Development | Rural/Community Development | Tourism | Trails | Demographic Forecasts & Project for Oregon | File Cabinet | Salem Training Materials/Agency Materials | Videos | Parks

General Information/Periodicals

Call #
GP: 11
Event and Party Resource Guide for Oregon and SW Washington Mary Lou Burton, 2004
GP: 16
The New Dynamics of Congress: A Guide to the People and Process in Lawmaking Woods, Patricia, 1995
GP: 17 The Golden City: A pictorial argument in the controversy over classicacl vs. Modern fasion in American achitecture and other arts Reed, 1970
GP: 18 Oregon Geographic Names, Sixth Edition McArthur, 1992
GP: 19 Uniquely Oregon King, Hilden, Searl, Simon, 1992
GP: 20 Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century Hall, 1994

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Land Use:

Call #
LU: 3
Collaborative Approaches to Decision Making and Conflict Resolution for Natural Resource and Land Use Planning Issues
LU: 6
Federal Public Land & Resources Law
University Casebook Series
LU: 9
Land Use Inventory and Analysis for the city of Warrenton
Kenneth Kato-CREST
LU: 14 Land Use Needs and Location Analysis City of the Dalles Community Development Department, 2005
LU: 15
Planning in the Public Domain: From Knowledge to Action Friedman, John, 1987
LU: 16
Federal Public Land and Resource Law: 3rd Edition Coggins, Wilkinson, Leshy
LU: 17 Site Analysis White, 1991

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Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE)/AmeriCorps Information

Call #
RA: 1
Year One RARE Progress Report
RARE Staff
RA: 6
RARE/RAND Site Visits 1996-97  
RA: 7
RARE Program Training: Principles, Strategies & Tactics for Community Renewal
RARE Staff
RA: 8
Campus Community Collaborations: Examples & Resources for Community Colleges
AmeriCorps Publication
RA: 18
Service As A Strategy in Out Of School Time: A How to Manual AmeriCorps Publication
RA: 23 Stories of Service 2003 AmeriCorps Publication 2003
RA: 24 Stories of Service 2008 AmeriCorps Publication 2008
RA: 25 Stories of Service 2009 AmeriCorps Publication 2009
RA: 26 Stories of Service 2010 AmeriCorps Publication 2010

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Computer Information:

Call #
CI: 3
Courseware Series/PowerPoint for Windows
Learning Guide (3 Copies)
CI: 5
Courseware Series/Microsoft Windows
Learning Guide (1 Copy)
CI: 6
Courseware Series/ Project for Windows 95
Learning Guide (2 Copies)
CI: 7
PageMaker for Windows (6.5)
Ted Alspach
CI: 8
Learning Guide Excel 97 Module I Proficient User
Computer Prep (5 Copies)
CI: 9
Learning Guide Excel 97 Module II Proficient User
Computer Prep
CI: 10
Learning Guide Access 97 Module I Expert User Computer Prep (4 Copies)

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Grant Information:

Call #
GI: 4
Grant Administration Training
Workshop Notebook
GI: 5
Grant Information for RARE
RARE Participant's Grant Information
GI: 8
Guide to Grant Information
Binder with RARE vets information.
GI: 14
OEDD Project Information Oregon Economic Development Department 1997
GI: 25
Getting Grants: Strategies and Grantwriting Class Rick Levine
GI: 26
The Oregon Foundation Databook, 8th Edition Craig McPherson
GI: 27 The Oregon Foundation Databook, 7th Edition Craig McPherson, 2002

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Oregon Federal Government Information:

Call #
FI: 3
Oregon Shines II: Updating Oregon's Strategic Plan
Oregon Progress Board, 1997
FI: 9
Record of Decisions/Standards & Guidelines
Northern Spotted Owl Data
FI: 18
The Northwest Forest Plan U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1996

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Call #
TR: 1
Transportation Plan: Addressing long-term transportation issues in an unincorporated community
Carson Washington (3 Copies)
TR: 2
Transportation Strategies: Government Camp Economic Improvement Project Phase III
(2 Copies)
TR: 7
Pedestrian Master Plan 1996 Multnomah County, OR

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Information:

Call #
GIs: 2
Establishing Geographic Information Systems for Rural Communities
RARE Participant Project-John Deming (4 Copies)
GIs: 3
Intro to ArcView RARE Training

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Water & Watershed Information/Plans:

Call #
WW: 14
Small Watershed Analysis: The Ferry Creek Example RARE Participant Project-Corrinne Humphrey (3 Copies)
WW: 24
Union County Public Water Conservation & Awareness Campaign (1995-1996)
WW: 32
Living Water: How to Save Your Local Stream Owen D Owens
WW: 33
Water, Earth, and Man Richard J. Chorley
WW: 34
Water: The Foundation of Opportunity H G Deming
WW: 35
Field Guide to the Pacific Salmon Adopt a Stream Foundation
WW: 36
Riparian Ecosystems Recovery in Arid Lands: Strategies and References M K Briggs
WW: 44
Water Quality Monitoring: Technical Guide Book The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds, 1999
WW: 52
South Santiam Watershed Assessment 2000
WW 61: An Evaluation of Selected Watershed Councils in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California 2000
WW: 62 Envirothon 2000: Sara Simrell
Umatilla County Soil and Water Conservation District
WW: 66 Waters of Oregon: A Source Book on Oregon's Water and Water Management Bastasch, 1998
WW: 67 Getting in Step: A Guide to Effective Outreach in Your Watershed The Council of State Governments, N.D. (2 copies)
WW: 68 Restoring a River of Life: The Willamette Restoration Strategy Willamette Restoration Initiative, 2001

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Strategic Plans/Action Plans :

Call #
SP: 18
Willamette Valley Futures: An Examination of factors Affecting Livability in the Willamette River Basin University of Oregon (CPW)
SP: 21
Interpretive Master Plan for Umatilla County Umatilla County, 2002
SP: 25
LaPine Park and Recreation District Comprehensive Plan LaPine Park and Rec. District, 2005

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Educational Materials:

Call #
EM: 1
Instructors Guide to Water Education Activities
Water Conservation/ Technical Assistance Program
EM: 2
Living in Water: Aquatic Science Curriculum for grades 4-6
National Aquarium in Baltimore
EM: 3
Earth: The Water Planet
The National Science Teachers Association
EM: 4
Ranger Rick's Nature Scope: Geology the active Earth
EM: 5
Ranger Rick's Nature Scope: Wading into Wetlands
EM: 6
Ranger Rick's Nature Scope: Trees are Terrific
EM: 9
Aquatic: Project Wild
Western Regional Environmental Education Council
EM: 13
Watershed Education Project Resource Library (3 Copies)
EM: 23
Youth Entrepreneurship Manual: Part One Oregon Coast Community College Small Business Development Center, 2006

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Survey Information:

Call #
SI: 1
Writing Survey Questions

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Call #
EC: 5
A Garden of Wildflowers 101 Native Species and How to Grow Them
H W Art
EC: 6
Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest
JJ Schofield
EC: 8
Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific NW
AR Kruckeberg
EC: 14
Celebrating Wildflowers of Oregon Coloring Book RARE Participant Project- Lindsy Johnson 2001
EC: 15
Restoring the Balance: A Summary of the Tillamook Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project Tillamook County Performance Partnership, 2000
EC: 16
Listening to Landowners: Conservation Case Studies from Oregon's Willamette Valley Paige Fischer, for Defenders of Wildlife and the Willamette Basin Conservation Project
EC: 17
Changing Landscapes: The Development of the International Tropical Timber Organization and Its Influence on Tropical Forest Management Poore, Duncan
EC: 18
In the US Interest: Resources, Growth, and Security in the Developing World Brown, Janet W., 1990
EC: 20
Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity Revisited: The Unraveling of the American Dream Ophuls, William, 1992
EC: 21
Saving the Planet: How to Shape an Environmentally Sustainable Global Economy Brown, Flavin, and Postel, 1991
EC: 22 The Living Landscape: An Ecological Approach to Landscape Planning Steiner, 1991
EC: 23 Oregon's Living Landscape: Strategies and Opportunities to Conserve Biodiversity Oregon Biodiversity Project, 1998

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Skill Building:

Call #
SB: 11
The Skilled Facilitator: Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups Roger M. Schwarz 1994
SB: 12
Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning Carl V. Patton and David Sawicki, 1993
SB: 14
Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Second Edition Fisher, Ury, Patton, 1991
SB: 15 Introduction to Type in Organizations, Third Edition Hirsh, Kummerow, 1998 (4 copies)
SB: 16 Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking, Sixth Edition Browne, Keeley, 2001
SB: 17 What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers Bolles, 1999
SB: 18 Time Management for Dummies Mayer, 1995
SB: 19 The Gregg Reference Manual, Sixth Edition Sabin, 1991
SB: 20 The Structure of Argument, Third Edition Rottenberg, 2000
SB: 21 Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument, Third Edition Barnet, Bedau, 1999
SB: 22 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Personal Workbook Covey, 2003
SB: 23 The New Public Service: Serving, Not Steering, Expanded Edition Denhardt, Denhardt, 2007
SB: 24 The Articulate Executive: Improving Written, Interpersonal, and Group Communication Harvard Business Review, 1991
SB: 25 Style: Toward Clarity and Grace Williams, 1995
SB: 26 Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research, 5th Edition Schutt, 2006
SB: 27 In Their Shoes: An Interactive Tour of U.S. Civic Engagement: Curriculum for Oregon Volunteers Act for Action, 2005
SB: 28 Becoming a Better Supervisor: A Resource Guide for Community Service Supervisors National Crime Prevention Council, 1996
SB: 29 The Winning Trainer, Second Edition Eitington, 1989

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Business/Econoimic Development :

Call #
ED: 3
Economics of Community Development
Rochin/UC Davis
ED: 20
Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies: The Search for a Value of Place Power, Thomas M
ED: 27
Lincoln County Grower/Gatherer Markets Analysis for the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County (1998) Mater Engineering, July 1998
ED: 29
Stability and Change in Forest-Based Communities: A Selected Bibliography USDA-Forest Service (March 1996)
ED: 45
Program Development Efforts at the Economic Development Council of Tillamook County for Industry Development in the Ecosystem Management Market RARE Participant Project: Chris Bayham, 1999
ED: 47
City of Cascade Locks Enterprise Zone Application 1999
ED: 49
ODDA Resource Team Report for Cascade Locks, Oregon 1998 ODDA
ED: 50
Building a Local Initiative for Compatible Economic Development 1997
ED: 51
Brand Oregon Tool Kit OEDD
ED: 55
Flood Prepared ness and Riparian Ecology Education and Action Curriculum Guild  
ED: 58
Oregon Microenterprise Development Resource Guide Oregon Microenterprise Network 2002 (2 copies)
ED: 59
Principles of Environmental Management: the Greening of Business Buchholz, Rogene, 1993
ED: 60 The Natural Step for Business: Wealth, Ecology and the Evolutionary Corporation Nattrass, Altomare, 2001
ED: 61 Staff Screening Tool Kit, Third Edition Nonprofit Risk Management Center, 2004
ED: 62 Coping with Cutbacks: The Nonprofit Guide to Success When Times are Tight Angelica Hyman, 1997
ED: 63 Keeping Business Healthy, Happy & Local: Business Retention & Expansion Primer, Second Edition Ginger Rich, 2003
ED: 64 Building an Economic Development Web Site James, Forman, 2008
ED: 65 Learning to Lead: A Primer on Economic Development Strategies Forman, Mooney, 1999
ED: 66 Learning to Lead: A Primer on Economic Development Strategies, Second Edition Forman, Mooney, 2009
ED: 67 The Potter Principles: The Secrets to Successful Business Recruitment Forman, 2009
ED: 68 Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement Bryson, 1988

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Rural/Community Development :

Call #
CD: 1
RDI's Business Assistance Team Program for OR Rural Communities
Rural Development Initiatives
CD: 2
A Guide to Community Visioning: Hands on Information for Local Communities
Oregon Visions Project (2 Copies)
CD: 3
Historic Preservation Techniques & Strategies for Rural Communities
Mark L. Fancey
CD: 4
Your Town: Designing its future
University of Oregon AAA & Historic Preservation League of Oregon
CD: 9
Community Organizing Support Guide Community Service Center, 2003
CD: 21
Building Forest Wealth: Incentives for Biodiversity, Landowner Profitability, and Value- Added Manufacturing Northwest Policy Group
CD: 24
Measuring Program Outcomes: A Practical Approach United Way (1996)
CD: 38
Smart Towns Series: Technical Assistance Guide, Project Development for Rural Communities Idaho Department of Commerce Rural and Community Development Division, 2002
CD: 42
Sustainable Community Checklist First Ed. Northwest Policy Center 1996
CD: 44
Historic Preservation Resources: Rural Information Center Publication Series No. 62 USDA, August 1998
CD: 45
Affordable Community Housing: Rural Information Center Publication Series No. 55 USDA, 1997
CD: 46
Main Street… When a Highway runs Through it. A Handbook for Oregon Communities DLCD and ODOT, 1999
CD: 49
Siting Affordable Housing in Oregon Communities University of Oregon (CPW)
CD: 51
Resource Team Report for Waldport, Oregon Oregon Downtown Development Association, 2001
CD: 55
A Survey of Sustainable Development: Social and Economic Dimensions Frontier Issues in Economic Thought
CD: 61
Careers in Community Development Brophy and Shabecoff, 2001
CD: 62
Toward Sustainable Communities: A Resource Book for Municipal and Local Governments

Roseland, Mark, 1992

CD: 63 Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities Markley, Macke, Luther, 2005
CD: 64 Clues to Rural Community Survival Luther, Wall, 1998
CD: 65 Luther, Wall, 1998 Goodman, Goodman, 1960
CD: 66 Rural Communities: Legacy + Change, Second Edition Flora, Flora, Fey, 2004
CD: 67 Design Presentation: UMPQUA Regional Training Session, Roseburg, Oregon OECDD, Oregon Main Street Program, The Lakota Group, 2009
CD: 68 Economic Restructuring Presentation: UMPQUA Regional Training Session, Roseburg, Oregon OECDD, Oregon Main Street Program, The Lakota Group, 2009
CD: 69 Organization Presentation: UMPQUA Regional Training Session, Roseburg, Oregon OECDD, Oregon Main Street Program, The Lakota Group, 2009
CD: 70 Over My Dead Body! A Workbook for Community Involvement Decker, 2005
CD: 71 Sustaining Rural Communities: A Report on Grocery Stores in Oregon Oregon Food Bank, 2013
CD: 72 Rural Living Handbook for Multnomah County Oregon East & West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation Districts, 2011
CD: 73 Food Systems Info (Misc. binder)  2007
CD: 74 What's Cooking in Your Food System? A Guide to Community Food Assessment Pothukuchi, Joseph, Burton, Fisher, 2002
CD: 75 The Ten Commandments of Community Leadership Forman, Harvey, 2007
CD: 76 The Planner's Use of Information, Second Edition Dandekar, 2003
CD: 77 Community Organizing & Development Rubin, Rubin, 1986
CD: 78 Community Development Handbook: A Guide for Facilitators, Community Leaders and Catalysts Northwest Community Development Institute, 1992

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Call #
TO: 1
Tourism Product Development Workbook
OR Tourism Commission
TO: 2
Tourism in Oregon
OR Visitor Profile (April 1995)
TO: 3
Hometown Discovery: A Development Process for Tourism
TO: 4
Rural Tourism in South Wasco County, OR: Economic Diversification Opportunities
Douglas G. Jones USDA-Forest Service (September 1994)
TO: 5
Rural Tourism Handbook: Selected Case Studies and Development Guide
US Department of Commerce/US Travel and Tourism Administration
TO: 6
Oregon Tourism Division Public Relations Handbook
Oregon Tourism Division (1995)
TO: 9
Tourism Alternatives: Potentials and Problems in the Development of Tourism Smith and Eadington, 1992
TO: 10 Your Town, a Destination: The 25 Immutable Rules of Successful Tourism Brooks, Forman, 2006

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Call #
TL: 4
Water Trails Feasibility Study Coos Regional Trails Partnership
TL: 5
Coos Regional Trails Plan Coos Regional Trails Partnership, 2000
TL: 6
Corridor Design Plan and Economic Feasibility Study for Cottage Grove 1999

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Demographic Forecasts & Projection for Oregon:

Call #
DF: 1
Demographic & Economic Forecasts 1990-2030
DF: 2
Provisional Projections of the population of Oregon & Its Counties 1990-2010
PSU (1993)

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File Cabinet:

Call #
FC: 1
Housing Articles/Housing Non-Profit
FC: 2
Willamette Initiatives
FC: 3
Willamette Water Quality Information
FC: 4
Examples of Community Planning Workshop Surveys
FC: 5
Strategic Planning Information
FC: 6
Examples of Rural Community Marketing
FC: 7
Group/Meeting Games/Techniques to Involve Everyone
FC: 8
Citation Examples
FC: 9
Gathering Land Use Information
FC: 10
Skate Park Information  
FC: 11
Endangered Species Act Workshop/Environmental Planning  

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Salem Training Materials/Agency Materials: (located in file cabinet)

Call #
ST: 1
Oregon Housing and Community Services Folders
ST: 2
Oregon Housing and Community Services: Programs in Review
ST: 3
Oregon Economic Development: Regional Development Division Technical Project Teams
ST: 4
Infrastructure Financing Programs
ST: 5
The Official Travel Guide Oregon
Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 6
Oregon Agri-Tourism Industry Marketing Plan (June 1997)
Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 7
Oregon Agri-Tourism Industry Marketing Analysis (June 1997)
Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 8
Oregon Technical Tour Directory
Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 9
Oregon Language Programs Directory
Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 10
1997-1999 Tourism Marketing Plan Oregon Oregon Tourism Commission
ST: 11
Connections Bringing Community Partners Together Oregon Department of Health and Human Resources
ST: 12
Community Partnership Team, 1996 Annual Report on Service Integration Oregon Department of Health and Human Resources
ST: 13
1997-98 Community (Partnership) Teams CPT Service Integration Projects Oregon Department of Health and Human Resources
ST: 14
Oregon State Historic Preservation Office: Programs, Services, and Staff Responsibilities  
ST: 15
USDA List of Programs USDA
ST: 16
Working With Your Board: A workshop for RARE Arty Trost Consultant
ST: 17
A Guide to Non-profit Board Service in Oregon  
ST: 18
Northwest Youth Corps Information Packet  

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Call #
VI: 6
The Oregon Story: Fishing OPB

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Call #
PA: 1
Harrisburg Parks Master Plan
Sarah Ruether, RARE, 2004

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