2019-2020 Open Placements

Applications are being accepted for late recruitment.

The RARE AmeriCorps Program is seeking to fill the following placements immediately. Start dates will vary based on applicant availability.

Position Descriptions

2019-2020 Member Application Process:

If you are interested in applying to RARE, please complete our Member Application Process. Applications for 2019-2020 are being accepted on a rolling basis for late placement.

Member Application Process

Please complete the following steps:

Step 1: View the 2019-2020 RARE Member Application Preview and collect your application materials. This document is a preview of the information you will submit using the link provided in Step 2.

2019-2020 RARE Member Application Preview

Step 2: Submit your final application using the link to Qualtrics below. When you have gathered all your materials, follow the link below to input all your information. Important: you will NOT be able to save your application and return later. You must input and submit everything in one sitting, so please be sure to have all your materials assembled before you begin.

2019-2020 RARE AmeriCorps Application Submission Link

Step 3: Complete the five essay questions listed below in a single document, carefully labeling each question. Save your response as either a Word document or a PDF with the following name: LastName_part_ap_19-20_essay. Submit your complete essay response document as an attachment in an email to rare@uoregon.edu.

Essay Questions:
1. Please tell us how participation in the RARE program will help you reach your short and long term personal and professional goals. (word limit: 1000)
2. Please tell us how your background and values will contribute to the community that you will serve and to the RARE program as a whole. (word limit: 1000)
3. Please describe your perspectives on living/working in a rural community. (word limit: 500)
4. Please briefly state what you view as your most significant accomplishment. (word limit: 250)
5. Please complete the following statement: “People may be surprised when they learn that I…” (word limit 250)

Step 4: Save your professional resume as either a Word document or a PDF with the following name: LastName_part_ap_19-20_resume. Submit your professional resume as an attachment in an email to rare@uoregon.edu.

Please remember that we will only consider complete applications with all three application components:
• The application form from Step 2
• The essay questions from Step 3
• The resume from Step 4

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

Phone 541-346-2879 or
e-mail rare@uoregon.edu

RARE AmeriCorps Program member placements for year 2019-2020 are contingent on availability of program funding from AmeriCorps.