Adrienne Groves

Organization: City of Roseburg
City: Roseburg
Population: 24,015
County: Douglas

Meet Adrienne Groves:

Adrienne has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies-Biology from Whitman College (WA). During college she served as Editor-In Chief of the literary arts magazine blue moon, worked for her college newspaper, and volunteered at her local public library.  Adrienne is excited to continue to work with rural Oregonian communities, which she first grew to love while living in Enterprise, OR doing field research for the Nature Conservancy. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing the flute.

Community and Organization:

The City of Roseburg, originally founded in 1851 in southern Oregon’s Umpqua River Valley as a lumber industry town, has grown to be Douglas County’s largest city. Located less than 2.5 hours from Crater Lake, less than 2 hours from the coastal City of Coos Bay, and even closer to the Umpqua River and Umpqua National Forest, Roseburg has all the amenities of a city with easy access to amazing outdoor opportunities. With a historic downtown, breweries, museums, and restaurants, the city itself provides opportunities for both residents and visitors.


The RARE participant, Adrienne Groves, will be a key contributor to the City of Roseburg and new Library Director in the initial start-up of the Roseburg Public Library. Adrienne will assist the Library Director in formulation of a wide variety of library policies and procedures, including those related to the recruitment and retention of a large volunteer workforce. Adrienne will provide community outreach and plan library programs to serve all citizens of Roseburg, with an eye toward diversity, inclusion and equity.