Kaitlyn Cook

Email: kaitlyn.cook@ci.pendleton.or.us
Organization: City of Pendleton
City: Pendleton
Population: 16,890
County: Umatilla

Meet Kaitlyn Cook:

Kaitlyn majored in Planning, Public Policy and Management and minored in Spanish at the University of Oregon. Originally from a rural town on the Oregon Coast, Kaitlyn aspires to use her skills to make positive change in communities like the one she grew up in. She looks forward to applying the city planning theories and principles she learned at UO to benefit the community of Pendleton.

Community and Organization:

Established on the banks of the Umatilla River as a trading post in the mid-1800s, the City of Pendleton is now one of Eastern Oregon’s largest communities. Due to its convenient location near the Columbia River, on the Umatilla River, and close to the railroad, the City developed a vibrant economy based on woolen mills, agriculture, and trade. Still famous for Pendleton woolen products today, the City also hosts an annual rodeo, famously called the “Pendleton Round-up”, and tours of its historic Chinatown. Even as it continues to rapidly grow, the City maintains its heritage. For example, Pendleton’s “Old Town” is listed as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.


The RARE participant, Kaitlyn Cook, will focus on improving opportunities for Pendleton residents, increasing the quality and quantity of available housing, and adding to the economic vitality of the area. Kaitlyn will continue work started by previous RARE Participants to update inventories of vacant land in Pendleton, build an inventory of blighted properties, and work with the Housing & Neighborhood Committee to further housing initiatives and plan a Housing Convention in 2019. She will also work with the Pendleton Development Commission to research and recruit potential businesses and to increase the resources for new entrepreneurs. Finally, she will work with the Energy Trust of Oregon to create outreach opportunities to educate local builders and homeowners on programs offered by Energy Trust.