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  • RARE, a Privileged Flock
    Privilege is synonymous with the saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” We’ve all heard these words and invariably, been on both sides of this coin. We live within the comforts of our privilege or on the outside looking anxiously in, perhaps enviously. Privilege is both earned and undeserved, inherited and bestowed,…

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RARE – Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

Stories from the Field

  • 2018 Vineyard and Winery Report Released
    In 2017, IPRE initiated a partnership with the Oregon Wine Board (OWB) to provide research report on the annual Vineyard and Winery Report.  OWB has been sponsoring the reports for more than a decade with the intent of providing baseline data on the state of the Oregon wine industry.  This is the second Report produced by IPRE and the results continue to sho
  • Into The Fire - Looking Back At The RARE Journey
    Exactly one week after moving 2,969 miles across the country to serve as a RARE AmeriCorps member with Columbia Gorge Food Bank, I attended my first community event. At “Get Ready, The Dalles”, a resource round-up event held at the fire station for community disaster preparedness, we represented the food bank and shared low-cost options for preparing for a d

2019-20 RARE AmeriCorps Placements

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