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  • Newberg will kick off plan for the future with community visioning event
    City officials says the Feb. 5 event is a way for the public to engage in planning the city for next 20 years To begin envisioning what the city will look like two decades from now, Newberg will host a community event Feb. 5 to kick off the process. The event, titled "A NewBERG," will…

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RARE – Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

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  • Shaped By The Wind – A Season In The Oregon Dunes
    I’ve never been one to plan things too far in advance. Vacations and hiking trips maybe, but not life. Not a career path certainly. Did I ever think I would live in Oregon? Maybe. Did I ever think I would be working to protect the largest remaining coastal sand dunes in North America? Probably not. But as the wind blows, so I am here. I first saw the Oregon
  • Pedaling Bike Culture in Rural Oregon
    I didn't think I would ever find myself in rural Oregon, nestled between the waterfall-speckled Coastal Range and the vineyards of the Willamette Valley. Never the less, here I am, working for the Dallas (not Texas) Downtown Association. If you were not already aware, rural Oregon, even west of the Cascades, is not Portland. While the state is renowned

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