RARE is an AmeriCorps program administered through the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center. RARE AmeriCorps has been supported over the years by grants from the Corporation for National & Community Service (AmeriCorps), The Ford Family Foundation, the University of Oregon, the Oregon Food Bank, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and other agencies. In addition, each participating community provides $23,500 to help place, train, and support a full-time RARE member.

RARE AmeriCorps is administered through the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center and has been in operation since 1994. RARE AmeriCorps has placed more than 450 RARE AmeriCorps members throughout rural Oregon. In its first year, RARE AmeriCorps placed 13 members. Currently, we have 27 members in the field.

The mission of the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) Program is to increase the capacity of rural communities to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions, through the assistance of trained graduate-level participants who live and work in communities for 11 months. Participants assist communities and agencies in the development and implementation of plans for achieving a sustainable natural resource base and improving rural economic conditions while gaining community building and leadership skills.

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