Carolina Negron

Organization: Community Connection of Northeast Oregon (CCNO)
Serves: Union, Bake, Wallowa and Sherman Counties

Meet Carolina Negron:

Carolina received her BS in Agricultural Sciences from Pennsylvania State University. Carolina is passionate about the outdoors as well as the connections between people, the land, and their food. Having worked with food banks and farms in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Hawaii, she is excited to take on the Pacific Northwest.

Community and Organization:

Community Connection of Northeast Oregon (CCNO) advocates for and assists senior citizens, children, low-income persons, and persons with disabilities in attaining basic human needs and in becoming more self-sufficient. They accomplish this by providing direct client services, stimulating a more efficient use of existing resources, broadening the available resource base, and providing decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for low and moderate income persons.


The RARE Participant, Carolina Negron, will serve as the Community Food Liaison, gathering community input on Regional Food Bank’s services and providing a written Community Engagement Report with recommendations on food access for persons experiencing food insecurity. Carolina will also provide recommendations for a new warehouse facility. Information gathered in community focus group settings will be used in CCNO’s upcoming capital campaign for the new facility. In addition to those recommendations, Carolina will provide support for a Nutrition Learning Community of healthcare professionals who are interested in learning about screening for food insecurity. If there is extra capacity, she will also provide a Feasibility study to Oregon Rural Action as they seek to update their Local Food and Farm Guide.