Claire Trevisan

Organization: Clackamas County Resource Conservation and Solid Waste Program
Serves: Clackamas County
Population: 400,000

Meet Claire Trevisan:

Claire completed her undergraduate studies in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia. With this background, she is interested in exploring the connection between rural communities and natural resources, hoping to better understand the role infrastructure can play in this complicated relationship.

Community and Organization:

Clackamas County is a unique mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas. Most residents live in the urbanized northwest part of the County, within the Portland Metro boundary. Many others live in rural and agricultural areas, in small towns and neighborhoods. Clackamas County has abundant outdoors opportunities like fishing, kayaking, hiking, and biking. It maintains ties to its heavily agricultural heritage, which can be seen at local farmers markets. The county is located within driving distance from the coast, Mt. Hood, or Portland.


Serving with Clackamas County, Claire Trevisan will focus on energy and climate. She will assess opportunities and barriers for community solar initiatives, coordinate public engagement and outreach, and identify partners and participants for a community solar installation. Claire will connect with local stakeholders, neighborhood groups, and emergency preparedness groups as part of this effort. A climate strategy and groundwork project will inventory greenhouse gas emissions in county operations, assess the county’s prior sustainability action plan, and develop a framework for climate strategy. Finally, Claire will connect with the county’s weatherization team to learn and potentially replicate energy education efforts with partner organizations.