Alexander Jonas

Organization: Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce
City: Tillamook
Population: 5,000
County: Tillamook

Meet Alexander Jonas:

Alexander majored in Political Science and International Affairs at Florida State University, with a focus in Economics. Alexander is fluent in Spanish, has traveled extensively, trained in combat sports, and lived in both Milwaukee and Miami – managing to do what seems like a little bit of everything! He is excited to experience the Pacific Northwest.

Community and Organization:

The City of Tillamook, located on the southeast end of the Tillamook Bay on the Pacific Ocean, is the county seat of Tillamook County and an important regional center on the North Coast. Inhabited by the Tillamook people until the early 19th century, it later became a center of the dairy industry in the Oregon. Today it’s economy is influenced by dairy agriculture, tourism, and to a lesser degree, natural resource extraction. With the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Air Museum, nearby state parks, and the Coast Range mountains nearby, the area draws visitors from across the state and country. The Tillamook Chamber of Commerce works to bring businesses, investment, and economic development to the Tillamook area.


The RARE participant, Alexander Jonas, will focus on increasing the availability of workforce housing within the Tillamook area. Alex will work with businesses, real estate professionals, builders/developers and property owners to actively reform financial and regulatory housing gaps in the Tillamook area. One secondary goal is to obtain any commitment from property owners and developers to create additional housing stock. The RARE will also work to align efforts from organizations with similar interests, such as CARE and Tillamook County Community Development. This position will lay the groundwork in a way that can be modeled to other municipalities within Tillamook County.