Emily Connor

Email: info@downtownstayton.org
Organization: Revitalize Downtown Stayton
City: Stayton
Population: 8,080
County: Marion

Meet Emily Connor:

Emily originally majored in linguistics at the University of Arizona after an academic journey of several diverse major changes. For the next few years, her explorations took her to Arizona, back to her hometown in California, Japan and South Korea- working as an English teacher, baker, and at a medical front desk, exploring her innate talents. She’s discovered her skill for building and encouraging communities and is excited to join Stayton. After only living in major urban areas, Emily looks forward to experiencing living and working in a small Oregonian community.

Community and Organization:

The City of Stayton is located 14 miles southeast of Salem on the banks of the North Santiam River, between the populous I-5 corridor of the Willamette Valley and the rural foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Stayton has maintained many aspects of its historic, natural, and cultural landscape. A group of business owners, local leaders, and citizens formed Revitalize Downtown Stayton (RDS) in 2015 to build off of the cities rich history to foster an economically vibrant, accessible, safe, and beautiful downtown. Now RDS is in its third year (and the second year having a RARE Participant).


The RARE working with Revitalize Downtown Stayton, Emily Connor, will help fine-tune the organizational structure, work with other community organizations, and develop events and activities that can be duplicated yearly. Emily will act as the face of Revitalize Downtown Stayton, working on strategic projects that will benefit the community in an increasingly significant way. This position will also function as a liaison between the Board, the Revitalize Downtown Stayton’s four committees (Design, Promotion, Economic Vitality, Organization), the community, and other organizations in the community.